Many things need to be taken care of at the time of arranging a funeral or memorial service. During this time we act as both caregivers and facilitators. We will arrange the visitation and services of your choice, make contact with the church, clergy, musicians, cemetery, newspapers, radio stations, lunch providers, florists and more according to your direction. We create the obituaries, file the death certificate and necessary permits and paperwork, arrange for military or organizational honors, assist with completing insurance claims, create and print memorial folders and thank you cards, and any other arrangements that you may request.

There are various types of funeral services we can facilitate. Some of the funeral service options that are available include:

  • Visitation in the evening, church or funeral home service the next day with earth burial
  • Visitation day of the funeral, church or funeral home service same day with earth burial
  • Visitation, church or funeral home service, cremation then burial or scattering at a later date
  • Cremation then visitation, church or memorial service then burial or scattering
  • Cremation, memorial service then burial or scattering
  • Cremation, with private or no services, burial or scattering
  • Direct burial with private or no services
  • Direct cremation with private or no services

"Compassionate Care During a Difficult Time"

Pre Arrangement Services

It is very common today to plan in advance for a funeral. Families that choose to do so guarantee themselves more time in making decisions that can affect them both emotionally and financially. When planning for a funeral at the time of death, decisions for the services are often made within 1-2 days, offering the family very little time for consideration of their emotional needs as well as their current financial position. In choosing to prearrange a funeral, the family guarantees themselves more time to make these important decisions.

While there are many decisions to be made, there is also much information to gather. Vital Statistics are needed for necessary forms and documentations as well as personal history and family information for the obituaries. There are also many choices to be made regarding the service itself such as who will participate, what music and readings will be used, what memorabilia to display, and much more..

Prefunding is a valuable tool for preventing unnecessary financial burden on your family at the time of the funeral, protecting assests from Medical Assistance and nursing homes, and defraying the cost of inflation.